Panic Attack Calming Letter

Dear You,

I know what you are feeling is so uncomfortable, I know that what you are feeling right now is so frightening. But do not worry, I know that you are going to be fine, I know that your going to survive this, you already have survived all of your previous panic attacks. You might think “But this is the one!”, it is not. You will not be stuck in this vicious state of mind, you will not faint, you are not having a heart attack, this will not kill you. Your body is equipped to handle this, it can handle so much worse, trust your body, it is working for you, not against you.

Let your anxiety do whatever it pleases. If it wants to make your heart beat faster, let it. If it wants you to feel dizzy, let it. Take a deep breath… exhale slowly, you are breathing, you are safe. Accept this anxious feeling, let it flow in your body. Sway your body, accepting whatever feeling anxiety hits you with, knowing that it will never harm you.

We are going to get through this together, I am here with you. Take another deep breath… and let it go slowly, you are breathing, you are safe. What you are feeling right now is just sensations, anxiety comes in waves, it peaks and then subsides. We are going to ride this wave together, and once it subsides, you are going to be stronger. I want you to imagine the wave, we are on the beach, with our surfing boards, ready to take on this huge wave. It feels exciting, right? Let’s do this!

“Okay anxiety, we do not have all day. Come on hit me with the strongest sensation you have. You know what, if by the time I finish the next paragraph you did not do anything, I’ll call your bluff, anything I feel after that I’ll know is just a false alarm.”

Demand more of your anxiety, do not be scared of it. Anxiety is thinking that it’s helping you. Thank your anxiety for being there for you, ask for more help from it, let it shake your body so all this negative energy leave you. Take a deep breath… let it out, you are still breathing, you are safe. See, you have given anxiety enough time to do whatever it wants with your body, and your still safe and sound. You might be feeling jittery, but that’s fine, the wave is calming now. Okay anxiety, time is up!

You are safe, you are unharmed, you have been through it bravely. Thank you for your courage. I’ll be here whenever you need me.

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